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As of late, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the whole blogging, writing, creativity stuff.

My record of blogging is sporadic at best.

And I really don’t want to blog, tweet, gram, or shout messages into social media onlivion.  There may be a better way.

I think if you bring the right people to the table, the right conversations just start happening.  Stuff gets done. I think there are others who want to do similar stuff – you know, catalyze communities, start conversations, think larger, tell stories, etc.

In the words of Ben Arment when he stopped blogging, “Blame Twitter.”

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Now (Bag End Sessions – Demo Version)


I don’t want to shelter them or give them a false sense of fear. They will stand up as tall as we raise the bar. I want our kids to know that the world is not perfect and that there are things that we can do about. And the reason we do things about it is Jesus. #enditmovement


Make Space!

With all of the recent racial and police tensions, I thought that it would be good timing to ride along with a friend who is a police officer.  As a side note, my friend and I discussed the tensions around the country. From my limited experiences in the law enforcement world I could see that most citizens are respectable (relationally speaking) and most officers are, as well. Complexities lie in the few…. but this is for another day.

Amongst the answers to my twenty other questions, my friend and I were discussing why an officer would run around to the back of the car if someone (a “threat”) was running towards them.  He said (my paraphrase), “Make space.  You have to make space between yourself and the threat.  That’s your best weapon.” 

Make space

I thought about how true that is for every “threat” we experience. Financial. Time prioritization. Health. People. Rest. Physical harm.

It’s not about getting as close to the threat as possible to see what we are dealing with, rather the idea is to not get backed into a literal or metaphorical corner… to provide enough space between the threat and us to allow for analysis and non-reactionary thinking. Also, allowing space seems to often let the threat play out. 

This is simple and brilliant.  So relevant.

From a friend who happens to be a law enforcement officer. 

Soak up this Paradox

A post from my friend hits home this week as we all ramp up to 2015 and dreaming of the stories that have yet to be told!

To sit and stay while dreaming forward and farther. To dive deep in adventure while waiting and wanting. To accept these two things both frightful and freeing. Choosing to soak up this paradox not fight it or fear it.

From par-uh-doks.

A Baby Born To Die

Even as a person who needs my introverted “alone time,” I really do enjoy the family thing during Christmas.  It’s seriously the way we should be living the rest of the year:  in community, the lives of others rubbing up against our own, experiencing sarcasm, true service, exaggerated stories, harsh reality, fits of laughing, comparing ourselves to others, hurt feelings, joy, etc.  It is beautiful when the facades of our lives start to rub off and we begin getting real with one another.  

We often rely on Christmas to do honorable things it wasn’t intended to do: stock us up on socks, help us make others happy, and catch up on family crazy stories.  Rely is a tough word. In this instance it has quite a negative connotation. Perhaps we can agree that we often use Christmas and other holidays as a huge crutch for important relationships and living our lives amongst others.  

Let us make the celebration of a baby Savior more meaningful by not allowing this sobering celebration to become our catch-all.

The sobering truth of Christmas is this: a baby was born to die as Savior. It is not happy, but it certainly is joyful. It is not to be relied upon for ourselves, but rather a celebration for the God who wants us to take note of the brutal beauty of this child and wonder what it all means!

Then, in awe, humility, and without hesitation we might truly ask….

“What child is this?”