The reasons that I enjoy cutting grass with a walk behind mower:

1.  Solitude.  People don’t usually try and talk with you while you are operating loud machinery.

2. No distractions.  Cell phones.  Ipods.  TVs.  Computers.  All are slightly useless when matched up against the decibel levels of an average lawnmower.   TV is hard to watch while focusing on straight lines of cut grass.

3. Requires focus.  Not many things in my life require actual, in the moment focus.  I love this.  It requires me to be in the moment.

4. Doesn’t require focus.  I don’t need to mentally think about what I am doing.  Straight lines. Got it. Don’t run over small pets.  Got it.  This thinking-less activity allows my brain to wander.   In fact, because there is no electronic technology to distract me, I am forced to think of something else.  Beautiful.

5.  People usually won’t talk to you.  I know I mentioned this above, but it’s important to stress this point again.

6. If people interrupt you and it’s important, you look like a war hero when you stop with all your glorious green grass stains.

7. If you are interrupted and it’s not important.  You can say, “I am in the middle of cutting my grass” and fire up some loud yard machinery.  This usually ends most conversations.

8. A little exercise and outdoorsyness.

I am not opposed to activities where people work together and talk to one another, but there is clearly something to be said in honor of an activity that forces you to take a mental sabbatical.  Even if it’s only for a little while.


4 thoughts on “8 Reasons to Enjoy Cutting Grass”

  1. As usual, man, you’ve written a post I could have written… except that you had the awesomeness to come up with the idea and then actually write the post. I’m totally with you, though.

    -Marshall Jones Jr.

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