My friend, Danny, needs your prayers.

He was working out on Friday morning.  Felt like he needed to lay down.  Had a massive heart attack.

His heart stopped multiple times and was restarted over the next few hours.  He basically died multiple times. He was put under sedation and kept in that state over the weekend in order to preserve whatever had not been damaged by the lack of blood/oxygen.   They didn’t know what would happen with the organs.  As of now, he has begun breathing on his own and his heart is beating on it’s own, but the lack of blood to his brain has created the real possibility of brain damage.

We are praying for Danny’s college-aged daughter, Lindsey, who is holding her family together and handling very tough news simultaneously.  Pray that Danny is healed completely and that there is no brain damage.   (Scores of people are praying here.  They are praying on the hour, every hour)

I call this part of my blog “Oh, the Adventures.”  Unfortunately, part of the adventure of this life includes watching our friends endure pain and hardship.  Danny is a fighter and an adventurer.  Danny is worthy of every bit prayer that we might muster.  Please share.

**Danny, when you read this later… just know that hundreds and potentially thousands of folks all across NC and the US were praying for you.  We went and did it.  We made a fuss over you!**


3 thoughts on “Praying For Danny”

  1. Keeping Danny in my prayers and praying constantly that he will be healed completely. There is one that can make this happen and I believe that his will will be done with Danny. Praying for the family, hold strong and know that he is in our Lord’s hand.

  2. I am praying for you Danny. You have a true heart for God and He has one for you. I know you are a fighter, so hang on for you, for Lindsey and for all of us who love you.

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