How To Write A Book

I just wanted to thank you all for support this little book.

I was kind of blown away at what the little parable/story did:

  • We had over 1,150 downloads in January.
  • 4 or 5 people told me that they had started writing their own books.  Some have already finished.
  • A handful more talked about restarting their blogs or starting a new one.
  • My wife started a blog!
  • I rediscovered the value of taking the time to write something important, even if it’s short and simple… and even if I think it’s a dumb idea…. sometimes it’s not.

So thanks, friends.

One thought on “Thank You!! — “How To Write A Book””

  1. Love your book. And you. You don’t realize just how much a little of your time can inspire, encourage, and influence until you do it. Glad you did it.

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