posted an article this week delving into the stories that each contestant tells when on the show. Apparently, it’s quite a process to get people to share the most interesting stories about themselves. The contestants have about a minute or less to share something interesting about themselves with the rest of the world. What story would you tell on Jeopardy?

A quote from the article states that often people “just don’t realize what’s interesting about themselves.” Would you say the same about your story? Do you even know which story you’d tell? Is it hard to narrow them down? Or does your life just feel boring?

At the times when I’ve felt like I’ve had the least to say, I can clearly see where I stopped living an adventure and settled for something less. These are the times I was the least passionate. It may have been fear. Busyness. Pride. Perhaps even laziness. These are the times that I chose not to live out a story worth telling.

You’re already alive. You’re already unique. The only way to live a story worth telling is simple: say yes to the adventure.

That’s how you figure out what you want to talk about on Jeopardy.

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