Dear Lucy,

I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you today. You are still swimming around in your mother’s belly right now, but you are very much alive and a part of our lives already! We think of you often. We talk to you and your big brother loves talking to you almost as much as he loves trains. He gives you sweet kisses through Mommy’s belly.

We still haven’t figured out your middle name, but I suppose that it will come in due time. Your mom is trying to make your room pretty and fully stocked with all that you’ll need when you get here. Jude is currently pretending to be a dinosaur. He’s not that scary, but he’s active. You’ll understand later.

My job is to hold everything together right now. I do a good job most of the time, other times it feels like things are spinning out of control. I want you to never have to worry about things that sometimes worry us, but I’m sure you’ll get caught in the useless trap of worry, too. God has it all under control, but we act like He doesn’t.

We don’t know what you’ll look like, but I am certain that you’ll be beautiful. I hope that you know it from the get-go. I hope to tell you that often. I don’t want you to forget it like some girls do, nor do I want you to develop pride through it, like others do. God made you uniquely and specially for a precise purpose here on this Earth, and we are so honored to be a part of your story.

I pray that you live humbly, with the knowledge of your uniqueness, but never taking it for granted. I pray that we can do nothing, but help you grow in the knowledge of the unseen things that are so mysterious, but nonetheless true. I pray that we learn how to teach you through our actions even more so than our words. And we will fall short. We will, for sure. Just know that we’ll give it our best. You’re worth it. God’s story is worth it. This story of redemption didn’t start with us, and it certainly won’t end with us, but it’s beautiful that we get to be a part of it at all.

Thanks to God for allowing us to love you. We can’t wait to see you on the day you arrive.

Patiently waiting for our next chapter with you to begin….




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