Matt Papa’s new album released August 2nd. He asked me to review it honestly and sincerely.


This Changes Everything is an incredible call to action. I am impressed with the musical strength of the album, but even more with his relentless push for Christ-followers to do something. You can’t listen to songs like “This Changes Everything” or “What Are We Waiting For?” without feeling moved to some sort of action. Artists who can accomplish this with listeners are rare.

I really dig Matt’s gutsiness. He beautifully questions the mentality of many of those who call themselves believers in Jesus. On “What Are We Waiting For?” he writes,

“He says Go, take the news to every nation

We say no, you know I just don’t feel called

But Oh the Lord of all the universe

Has called us all to go, so

What are we waiting for

A message in the sky

A miracle, a sign

From up above, is not His word enough?”

The lyrics are simple and straightforward, and this is what actually helps them pack such a powerful punch. Listeners aren’t left wondering what he is saying. The songs are written almost as chants to those of us needing a push out of our seats.

He says that this album isn’t about the music, but about something much greater. I can clearly see this! This is an important album for those who call themselves followers of Jesus.

Matt Papa’s This Changes Everything is available now on iTunes or Matt’s website.

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