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“We have no clue what we’re doing.”

Stupid statement to repeat (over and over again) when you’re trying to get people to understand what a missional community is.  Really dumb when you want people to understand that you’re starting an actual church, not a cult.

The statement didn’t sit well with those who cared for us. Friends and family didn’t want us to act on a half-baked plan. Or a “non-plan.”

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[Looking back at the initial vision- “The Birth of a Forest”]

Through the process of telling folks about what we were thinking of doing, we got a lot of funny looks and “that is so unique!”  So we got caught up in the Explanation Trap.  We wanted to prove ourselves and prove the validity some mega vision.

It’s like someone graduating from college, and the incessant question, “What are you going to do now?”


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Of course, there was theoretical set of plans…. We would to move into the heart of a neighborhood. Meet people. Live our lives with them. Rub shoulders. Go on family walks. Serve the neighbors. Make time in our schedules to start getting to know them. Have lots of food and invite people into our lives. Celebrate a ton. And talk about Jesus a lot. Church would gather some money in the middle of the group and use it to serve God through the people around them. We would equip, empower, and send others out to start groups like this in neighborhoods and nations… A sprawl of Gospel communities! All legit churches.

Just keeping it simple.

[The Soma Video- What Does Missional Community Life Look Like?]

Easy, right?


We were busy. Money was tight. Energy low. Kids crying. Kids ended up in our bed at night and we didn’t sleep well. We were awful at meeting new people.  We had yet to make peace with the messiness.

We were just poking at the vision and “showing up” … and we discovered that this is going to be a marathon.

A long, bloody, messy, ambiguous marathon.

And that was going to have to be okay.

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