I anxiously await the arrival of my son.

I’ve never met him, but it feels like I know him deeply. It almost feels as if he’s on a journey in a faraway place, soon returning home. I have a sneaking suspicion that I will soon relearn amazement.

He’ll be able to find joy in the small things.

Car rides. Bubbles. Wooden blocks. Grass. Baths. Anything with interesting shapes or brilliant colors. Animals.

He’ll be here soon to discover, to experience, to learn, to touch, to play, and to fall. He’ll stumble and feel his way through this world, amazed at the bigness of it all.

He will be curious and experiential. I will show him adventurous places and shiny, colorful things that I currently take for granted.

I can hardly wait to relearn amazement for God’s world. I can hardly wait to learn from him.

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