I’ve been watching my calendar like a hawk.

And you can’t touch it.

I fill it with lots of good things.

I say “yes” to nearly everything!

I am working hard to make every moment count.

So, it’s with complete good intentions that I am very busy.


I’m tired.

I’m tired of trying to prove myself.

I’m exhausted from the drain of other’s expectations.

I’m defeated by all the steam I lose in the course of a day.

I’m not moping.

Just saying what needs to be said.

We’re too busy.

I know I am.


I think you’re the same as me.

There are lots of things that can kill a relationship, most of them lead back to selfish pride.

There is one thing that will guarantee a relational community’s demise.


Here is a great article on it from Relevant:  3 Ways to Stop Being So Busy

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