Last week, I drove the family to the coast.

Mid-week, Heather and I decided to leave J with family while we went on a date.  It’s been a while since we made “date night” a priority.  People with great marriages tell us this is one of those non-negotiables.  We get it, but we often declare that we don’t have time.  Vacation helps you think clearer.  We don’t have time in our marriage to not have date night.

We grabbed some seafood on a place that overlooks the ocean and watch some guys surfing next to the pier.  We talk about big life stuff:  new ideas on how to help folks, music projects, restarting blogs, etc.

Then we slowly drove the length of the island, exploring little coves, finding houses that are tucked away, and watching people.

Then there was this.


We chased down this spot to get a picture for ten minutes.  The camera couldn’t possibly do justice.  Out of the shot are blues, purples, and reds.

Date nights redefine our proper perspectives.  Sunsets like this… put us in our places.

Oh, and to cap the night off… Strawberry Cheesequake from Dairy Queen.  Just saying.

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