Using a limited 140 characters and a fast-paced mass texting streaming system has changed the way we communicate in ways we can’t yet evaluate.   I believe, and this is an assumption, that we individually communicate more concisely, with less fluff, and more purpose than we ever have in the history of the world.   I would also say that because a platform like Twitter is so accessible, we also have so much communication that it borders on overload.  The nature of the non-wordy beast.

Where Twitter changes us the most is found in situations like the death of Osama bin Laden.  CNN says that at the height of the pivotal news event, there were 4,000 tweets being added to the stream every second.   Consider the man who live-tweeted the United States’ operation in Abbotabad without even knowing it.  Twitter, in many instances, has been quicker to get information out than many public official news sources.   This isn’t anything new to those in the twittersphere.  We still don’t know what to do with this new paradigm.

What we have just started recognizing, and I believe it is still the beginning of this stage of recognizing this new responsibility, is that we are part of a constant, world-wide conversation.  That is the beauty of it.  Will you use this opportunity or dance around it?

Either way, welcome to the conversation.


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