the rules

I thought putting up these rules, on the chalkboard paint walls of this restaurant in Boston, was genius.  It sets the bar high for forming a conversational rather than “combative” community of patrons.  It was clear that this place had a loyalty and employees that were passionate about the food they served.

By simply stating these rules on the wall, they did something went beyond ceasing arguments with overly-critical diners…. they established friendship.  Isn’t that what friendship is: a conversation? Having an on-going “conversation” for a period of your life?

Instead of seeking to be such individual agents of change in the world that we apply our very backwards instant gratification mindset…. why don’t we create a conversational community of friends that spans over a longer period of time.  It seems that God honors this.  Paul stayed in places for long periods.  Jesus led twelve men, but really he walked deeply through life with three men for three years.

Our culture necessitates a conversation about Grace.  Often we aren’t willing to play by the rules that reveal that kind of Grace.

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