I think everyone should share. Not forced sharing, but in the way of “I care and love others” … “I enjoy life more when I give” … “I have a greater hope knowing that I will take care of others and they will take care of me.” Money, time, talents, strengths. There currently seems to be too much saving and hoarding by individuals.

How do we decrease our level of hoarding and insecurity, while increasing our trust for others in community?

• Give away something of value.
• Ben Arment talks about building someone else a platform.
• Use your strengths and talents for the good of others.
• Don’t hold back.
• What do you have in your attic?
• What do you have in your safe?

We were created to live in community. How are you intentionally building this type of community in your world?

4 thoughts on “You’ll Die Without It”

  1. Recently moving into uptown Charlotte has really opened my eyes to giving beyond myself. You see a lot of homeless/poor, the broken and needy here. I honestly do want to help the and befriend them. There’s a place I hang out t called The Free Store and their whole plan is to give to the homeless so that they may live. But the way they do it astounds me. They friend the homeless, let them hang out at their store an eventually work them back into society by getting them jobs and connecting them with people. I love what they’re doing. It’s really challenged me to do more for others. Great post!

    1. That's awesome. I know of a church in Greensboro that is living like that with Burmese refugees. Same focus… different peeps. I'm digging churches that act… well… Biblically? 🙂

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