A year ago, I would not have made the following statement…

Life is not becoming who you want to be, but rather who you were made to be.  Residing in the One who made us is THE thing that we were made to be.

It is funny to think of the things I have given up, put on hold, or even fought to complete in the priority list of my life.  I’m not sure that my accomplishments look worthless, but they certainly appear to be worth less than I once believed.

Switching roles from my job of helping people and churches think of better ways to do whatever it is that they feel God leading them to do… to being a progressively more loving and focused husband, father, and pastor/church planter…. is the most difficult thing that I am currently learning to do on a daily basis.  It is remarkably rewarding to experience the few occasions I get it right and prioritize the discipling of my family first, above other people, and remember that I am first responsible for helping them know that they are loved and find victory in Jesus. I find so much joy in that.

This encompasses an argument with Heather, a discipline issue with Jude, and, perhaps, a crying Lucy.  These moments are still more rewarding as a disciple maker, than anything I could do during the day.  This posture shift helps me to see my accomplishments, desires, and the compliments of others as treasures that will soon fade away.

So, life really is not about me becoming who I want to be, because I am fallible.  My goals are flawed.  I would certainly not choose tears or pain or even fleeting happiness.  I can see that my life in the palm of the great Knower of all things IS what defines me.

He defines me.

A year ago, I knew this in my head, but my heart and hands are starting to catch up.

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