I’m not sure why it bothers me, but did you know that the Beatles were all 30 years old or younger when the band split up?  Between the U.K. and the U.S., they had upwards of 27 number one songs.  They were the biggest band of all time and they broke up after 8 years together…. before they were 31 years old!  That’s how old I’ll be this month.

Jimi Hendrix had done everything he would ever do by 27 years old.

How old do you think Tiger Woods was when he won his first Masters?  Answer: 21 years old.

Lebron James is only 27 years old now.

“By now” is a tough phrase.  We have all had thoughts about what we assumed we should have done or could have done … by now.

It is dangerous phrase, because we haven’t done those things.  We’re probably not supposed to do those things.  We aren’t the same people that have done those things we compare ourselves to.  We often disregard our own triumphs.  We tend to amplify the significant feats of public success of other’s and downplay those simple, quiet victories in our lives that only we could accomplish in the ways that we did them.

Jon Acuff talks about it in “Quitter.”

      “If I were really going to be a high school teacher, by now I would have already had a few years of teach experience.” 

     “If I were going to be a musician by now I’d be better at the guitar.”

     “If I were going to be a pastor, by now I would have gone to seminary.”

     The goal of the phrase “by now” is to offer yourself a twisted justification (emphasis mine) that, indeed, you could have been what you wanted to be but, alas, you’re too late…. 

     And if you convince yourself of this, you will also believe the next lie, which is “Don’t start.”

     The window of opportunity has closed.  The ship has sailed while I was busy working or parenting or paying off student loans.  It’s too late.  Don’t start.

So….  I suppose it goes without saying that “by now” is a figment of your mind.  Don’t play mental games with yourself.  Don’t offer yourself “twisted justifications.”  Just do something.

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