I have a dream in life…. but I didn’t wake up early enough to do much about it.

I set my trusty cell phone alarm, of course for 5 am.  Sounds funny to be setting an alarm for 5 am on vacation, right?  (By “vacation,” I mean some remote shadow of what used to mean “staying up until three, sleeping until noon”).   Jon Acuff and countless others talk about getting up early, so your time is set aside.  Then I woke up at 3 am and couldn’t go back to sleep. I’m not sure if the getting up early on vacation scared me, or if I just was nervous that I ate the wrong thing the night before.  I decided, of course, to move my wake up time forward with my trusty cell phone alarm.  6 in the morning sounds so much better than 5.  Went back to sleep.

Eyes opened at 6:47.  The silent phone was staring at me.  I looked at it like I look at my son when screams repeatedly in a quiet restaurant full of couples on dates.  The silent phone didn’t appear to care.

So, I got up and walked out of the bedroom in the house where we are staying.  Within a few minutes, I was ready to get started putting my words to “paper.” That is, until I slid my foot under the couch and felt something attach itself.  Oh yes, the common ant bait, sticky, super-glue, cardboard thing.  Love those things.  I realize that to actually trap ants, the trap needs to be really sticky, but it shouldn’t be so sticky to have amputate my foot.  There is a limit on these things. Head to bathroom.  Soap.  Scrub.  Hot water rinse.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  7:03.

Blinking light, so I picked up the phone.  Seth Godin says not to do this early in the morning, or rather, asks if this is smart for a producer to start his or her day by reacting to the production of others, rather than producing something themselves.  So I checked a message.  Just one message.  Incomprehensible what the person is talking about.  Can’t seem to wrap my brain around it.  Bothered my mind.  So I needed to check one more message to clear my brain.  Ah, a picture comment on the Facebook.  Like.  Facebook has never wasted my time, has it?  I hear Jude cry for a moment from the other room. 7:13

Other than general laziness, or some sort of vague feeling that I will do it at “some point” in the future, these are the things that keep me from writing.  This is the stuff that keeps me from accomplishing any God-given big dreams at all.   It’s never the big stuff.  Only the small stuff.

I imagine I’m not alone.  Well, maybe I’m alone with the ant trap thing.  (My feet are still sticky like a lint roller for carpet, now.)  But, for the most part, I imagine I’m not alone.


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