With all of the recent racial and police tensions, I thought that it would be good timing to ride along with a friend who is a police officer.  As a side note, my friend and I discussed the tensions around the country. From my limited experiences in the law enforcement world I could see that most citizens are respectable (relationally speaking) and most officers are, as well. Complexities lie in the few…. but this is for another day.

Amongst the answers to my twenty other questions, my friend and I were discussing why an officer would run around to the back of the car if someone (a “threat”) was running towards them.  He said (my paraphrase), “Make space.  You have to make space between yourself and the threat.  That’s your best weapon.” 

Make space

I thought about how true that is for every “threat” we experience. Financial. Time prioritization. Health. People. Rest. Physical harm.

It’s not about getting as close to the threat as possible to see what we are dealing with, rather the idea is to not get backed into a literal or metaphorical corner… to provide enough space between the threat and us to allow for analysis and non-reactionary thinking. Also, allowing space seems to often let the threat play out. 

This is simple and brilliant.  So relevant.

From a friend who happens to be a law enforcement officer. 

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