This month, one of my projects involves traveling around the state to visit with short-term summer youth workers. These are college students who could be working with as few as two or as many as forty high school and/or middle school students at a designated church…. somewhere.  I say “somewhere,” because when I seek them out, I usually drive to “somewhere.”  Don’t know where I am, just “somewhere.”

Anyway, they are spread out, often far from anyone they know, and they seldom get outside interaction. They are usually walking into a different culture than their own.  That’s where I come in. I do some coaching and ask them some questions, but mostly I listen to what they have going on and ask them how I can serve.

These youth workers are generally looking for one thing:  someone to tell them that it’s okay to experiment and try something new.  They have fresh ideas on their hearts, and they want to see lives changed, but they don’t know how to do it if they are only repeating what everyone has always done.  They are looking for permission to do something extraordinary.

And there’s nothing wrong with doing something extraordinary.

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