You have these little things about you that annoy other people.

You may not notice them, but other people do. I have them. You have them.

Most people are unwilling to admit or even take notice of them. We have developed a culture that equates honesty about them as something to be looked down upon. While doing this, we might be pridefully ignoring one of the most beneficial learning tools in our arsenals.

When we recognize that we don’t have it together and we share that with others, we earn major “human points.” When we are self-aware, it develops other’s trust in us. We don’t need to spend energy being defensive. We don’t have to lie to ourselves. We are who we are. Making mistakes. Learning. Moving forward.

It has been said that any strength taken to an extreme becomes a weakness. So with a little tweak here and there, we might take what the world sees as our imperfect stereotype and make it our “thing.”

So today, when you see them in me, the person driving in front of you, your waiter, or yourself, remember to offer grace. Recognizing our biggest flaws is a short road to revealing our greatest strengths.

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