I’ll admit that this post started a few weeks ago with a joke.  While talking with some friends, I made the comment that “I enjoy watching brutal dictators sleep.”  I mean, wouldn’t it change your view of a hardened person if you saw them asleep in a recliner watching golf on a Saturday afternoon?

This was before the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound and his death, and I had already planned to post this concept late this week.  Earlier this week I posted about loving bin Laden.

Don’t go creepy on me.  An odd idea, I understand, but when I recognize that all living men were born from mothers and still must sleep to survive, it humbles me and humanizes them in my brain.  It helps me to understand that men make evil choices, but they are choices, nonetheless.  This idea helps me to understand that even the most brutal dictators, terrorists, and terrifying people, while they are awake, are still somehow vulnerable and people that God made.  They just made choices.  Choices with enormous consequences.

Important to recognize.

2 thoughts on “Watching Brutal Dictators Sleep”

  1. Evan, I agree with you. The thirst for revenge is dehumanizing, however justified it might be. Empathy is among the highest of virtues, rare to find and difficult to cultivate in oneself and others. Vengeance is the anti-empathy.

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